Football can sometimes appear devoid of any real moral fibres. The text messages from a former Premier League manager that came to light in the last week or so just seem to confirm this. The LMA have not exactly helped the situation, trying to dismiss the messages as playful banter between two pals, the truth is that we all know (even if we don’t accept it) that they are unacceptable discrimination.

Standing up for what you believe in in football can be difficult, there are lots of people only too keen to point the finger and mock. This is something that has never bothered us. We are proud to support Kick It Out, Pro Respect (Holland) Fare Net and Football V Homophobia. Each year the first friendly that we arrange is against Wolverhampton’s Gay Friendly Football Team Wolverhampton Warriors who play in the GFSN and this is something that will not change any time soon (especially as we lost the Unity Cup this year and need to win it back).

Over the last 6months or so we have been proud to back the No More Page 3 campaign This has led to some critics in the past but lets get one thing straight we are not against boobs or indeed even pornography- I suspect that after football, pornography is a keen past time in a team made up of 50 lads aged between 16 and 32 (no that does not include me – the old bloke). What we are against is the enforced boob-ification of a publication reporting to be news and reporting to be for all the family. No matter what a teenage boy might tell you its not easy to stumble across pornography by mistake…it is however easy to be confronted by naked boobs without ‘planning to be’ in a copy of the sun newspaper….anyway I will leave the experts to explain it better…

Anyway, the whole purpose of this blog is to celebrate and welcome the fantastic Lewes to the No More Page 3 football family. If you have not checked this club out I seriously recommend it, some of what they do makes me full of admiration but also a little green with envy Again @nomorepage3 can tell you better than me but the fantastic Lewes now have an advertising board at their home ground supporting the No More Page 3 campaign and no doubt a few of the Team NMP3 on the terraces too. So well done Lewes and also do not forget the ladies rocking and rolling the NMP3 logo on their home kits Cheltenham Ladies and Forest Ladies.

Whatever you think of the NMP3 campaign take a couple of minutes to look and what they have to say- a clear mind is a reflective mind so take a look


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  1. Les Morgan WEMBLEY59@LGM1959 says:

    Good Blog Lads, wise & well thought-out words, especially “Boob-ification” i may borrow that, The mass-media are always quick to jump on the bad stuff in football, but the good & positive things that all clubs big or small get involved rarely gets a mention, well done, #keepitup

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