A two week holiday in Lanzarote has meant a lack of updates on here but one of the highlights during my absence was a feature mentioning the Crofters on the Sky Sports News website. The article saw the BFL side rub shoulders with professional clubs including some Premier League heavyweights.


The article drew attention to the 105k tweets posted on the club feed with a degree of bemusement, which is not uncommon from those working in the professional game. We may have less than 5k followers but unlike our professional cousins twitter is our ‘life-blood’ and gives us the opportunity to act on something like a level playing field with clubs much bigger than us. 105k tweets would not matter without followers and the article just shows the power of social media and the profile that our fantastic online supporters can bring.

One day I’m sure there will be a way that you can all follow our games minute by minute virtually, in a super grassroots portal but until that happy day we are just glad to have you on our side. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for making us so much more than just another football club.

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  1. Jo Baugh says:

    Quality not quantity when it comes to followers and your audience.
    You can buy followers if you want to play the numbers game. The real test is to measure engagement and ROI
    What you have achieved via social media is just amazing!
    Your posts are engaging, amusing and informative.
    It’s not even your “proper job” !

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